Search Engine Optimization

3 Things to do right now to increase your chances of getting noticed online I want to very briefly drop in some bitesize advice about how to improve your chances of being found by the big search engines of the internet.   Set up a Blog, and update it regularly. The more you talk through…

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Four Fast Facts

Be Proactive with Social Media, Grow as a Business   Think of them as bread trails. Every social media platform that you are present on, is another pathway to your site, product or service. Every time you are mentioned, appear or act on those platforms, you are increasing the chance of leading new custom to…

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The Power of Opportunity

  In this blog, I want to Talk about Social Media, and the opportunities you can create for your brand, business and self, if you use it right. It is something I will keep going back to, and aim to up-skill you on progressively. Right now though, I want to start with some powerful, simple…

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Learn from my Mistakes

Time – Energy – Money     Over thirty-plus years, I have enjoyed a diverse career. I have guarded the Queen of Great Britain, and smiled at the importance of being bitten by her own dogs. More than once. I have owned businesses that have failed and almost cost me everything, and in learning from…

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What is Marketing Reveal?

¬† What is Marketing Reveal?   Marketing Reveal exists to help small businesses grow. Through my own expertise, and my own learning, I am determined to help you.   I’ve learned in my time that being clear, honest and principled, is the best way to build meaningful success. Therefore what I offer you is honesty.…

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Welcome to “Marketing Reveal”

Working Hard to be ready for Friday the 9th of June 2017

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