Four Fast Facts

Be Proactive with Social Media, Grow as a Business


  • Think of them as bread trails. Every social media platform that you are present on, is another pathway to your site, product or service. Every time you are mentioned, appear or act on those platforms, you are increasing the chance of leading new custom to your business.


  • Hashtags, likes, shares and mentions. As a reflex, people now praise or brag about a product or service through their social media. When they do, others will take notice. Just by being present on social media, you give customers the chance to promote your brand on your behalf. All you have to do is exist on social media, and customers themselves can build your brand authority online.


  • The magic of social media is that it doesn’t just get people talking about you, it can also get them talking with you. Connect with customers every chance you are able. If you are part of an interaction, via platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you can be memorable. You can build the presence, identity, voice and authority of your brand. All of these things help to secure brand loyalty.


  •  With social media, business gains can be made in the least likely places. For some customers, social media can also become a corridor for complaints. Never see this as anything other than an opportunity. Any chance to resolve a valid complaint in a public forum can only bring you good coverage. Alternatively, any unreasonable complaint handled with class, can only mean good things for brand authority and identity. When I talk about social media being a marketing opportunity, nothing illustrates the advantages better than the fact that complaints about your product can lead to more custom. Let that sink in








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