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Every day 1 billion photographs are liked on Instagram. A recent report published, hi-lighted that 70% of customers are now choosing the platform to interact with brands, and that they interact with brands 400% more often than on Facebook. If you are one of the many business that has been dismissive of Instagram as a marketing route, it is now time to get serious about it. It now has 600 million active users every month and rising. That’s more than double the number of Twitter users. If you are one of the many business that has been dismissive of Instagram as a marketing route, it is now time to get serious about it. I want you to take this on board because if used well, Instagram represents a massive opportunity to grow your brand, tell the story of your brand, increase brand interactions, and ultimately increase your custom. Like all attempts at social media marketing though, it has to be done well. With that in mind, the aim of this blog is to give you Six-quick-Insta-tips to help you get set up on the platform and in a position to make the most of it. Follow these initial guidelines, and by the time you finish reading the post, you will be in a position to get your brand up and growing in Instagram.



  1. Hashtags. This is the path to people finding your brand. Invent your own that representsyour brand, it gives people the opportunity to find and follow what you are doing. Add popular hashtags to each post that will help you to reach out to more potential followers and customers. Tag places. Tag feelings that your post evoke (you’ll be interested to see how many people are waiting for #love). Tag seasons. Tag your product name or the results of choosing your business or service. Consider the day of the week, and post around the daily theme. For example – #tbt Throwback Thursday is a chance for you to show your target market what your brand values, what it gets nostalgic about or even re-introduce an old product or service that you can still offer to them. Play about with in the title to find popular hashtags yourself. One great feature of Instagram is that the second you type in a hashtag, it will show you how many people are using and engaging with that hashtag title. You can literally pick the most popular to add to your post, and already you are increasing the chances of your brand being found, followed, engaged with and remembered.



  1. Learn from the best. Check out the biggest brands, who are known for their marketing. Think Nike. You can learn a lot from those huge and successful companies who have been built on strong branding and marketing. Chances are they have a lot of people putting strong social media together on multiple platforms, so don’t expect to be able to keep pace, but take detective’s eye to their accounts and see what ideas you could take from how they are encouraging participation from their followers and interacting with customers.



  1. Learn from your rivals. Every business has competition, so a great strategy in once you have set up your Instagram account is to see what they are up to. Ask yourself; how and why they are using instagram? Who is interacting with them? More importantly, how can you do things better than your rivals?



  1. Don’t be shy. There is story to be told about your brand, and a way you can show people the values of your company as well as the value you can bring to your customers. If you are going to the effort to see who is following your rivals, then follow those who are interested in your rivals to. Not only does it give those people a chance to discover and follow you back (most will) but it also gives you an understanding of who your customers are, what their story is, and will help you to generate product and marketing strategies to engage and cater for your target market better!



  1. Remember, platforms like Instagram are all about becoming interesting to your target market. Use it to show them something that they’ve never seen before. Take them behind the scenes. Show them HQ. Show them the people behind the brand. Show them what makes your business different. Finally, absolutely don’t forget to tag these posts #bts – which literally stands for Behind the Scenes, and something people do go looking for on Instagram.



  1. Facebook owns Instagram, so if you do happen to have a Facebook too, remember to link them. Instagram will give you this option when you set up the account. By unifying these platforms, you increase the chances of a potential customer from following your brand from one to the other, interacting with you more often and engaging with your products in more ways.



Ok folks, that’s your crash course in making a start on Instagram. You have the Insta-tools. Now it is time for you to act. Take this opportunity today to increase your chances of growth, survival and success. @marketingreveal

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