The Right Time for Social Media?

It certainly is. The Global Web Index published figures earlier this year which confirmed that 2.789 billion people on earth are now regular, active social media users. 2.789 billion. Remember that number every time you are tempted not to bother putting time, effort and resources into your social media marketing.

Now I’m not saying that 2.789 billion people are all going to be interested in your product or service, of course they aren’t. That number alone should tell you though that social media marketing is simply too good an opportunity to miss if you are serious about reaching your potential as a business. If that number does not get you on board in agreeing that you need to optimise social media as much as possible, nothing will. If it has and you are ready to get optimising, then stay in contact with the Marketing Reveal blog and I will give you as much help and direction as I can to ensure you make a success of your efforts. With that in mind, I will dedicate this blog on how to allocate time, and when to consider allocating it.

How much time are we talking?
Even for businesses that are store centric and rely on over-the-counter selling, online sales can still account for up to one sixth of overall sales. Many shoppers who ultimately buy over the counter have often searched for the product and store online beforehand. If you consider that the internet may at the least account for up to one sixth of your sales, you should arrive at the conclusion that a sixth of your time should be dedicated to your social media presence. You’re effectively opening up a store and inviting people in (but in a digital dimension) so do not dismiss the need to put that level of commitment in. One hour per day is a decent amount of time to put into your social media footprint. Make time for it.
Socialising Smart
It isn’t just a question of putting in the six hours. They need to be six smart hours. The margins between success and failure in business are so tight, that you have to ensure you are always working smart with your time. So, if you are going to make your presence felt on social media, make sure it is at the right time!

Figures collated from 12 US studies on Social Media traffic indicated that most people are engaging with social media at (you guessed it) the weekend – where there is 32% higher engagement than the average. With this in mind, make sure first of all that you don’t take a day off when the majority of your customers tend to. Make time every Saturday and Sunday to publish any offers you have, interact with customers or publish targeted posts.

Thursdays and Fridays follow up next, with an 18% increase on all remaining days of the week. Maybe consider those feel good Fridays in particular as a great moment to engage with your target audience. Post upbeat content and celebratory offers to become part of the party! Now that you know which days are best to direct your energy towards, let’s talk times of day. With the best will in the world, even if you dedicate six hours per week to the cause of social media marketing, and hit all the right days – if you decide to publish and interact at 1am it will more than likely be for nothing.



  • Target between 7:30am – 9am. You’re hitting the morning commutes. You know the ones. Where everyone in the carriage is staring at their phone for that lost hour before they take up their day jobs.
  • 12pm – 1pm. You got it, the dinner break. The little slice of ‘me time’ that people spend wisely looking for that thing they’ve been meaning to get, or the thing that someone recommended in conversation earlier in the day. Lunch is a great time to be there for your target audience.
  • 3pm – 6:30pm. That patch of the day when your customers time is their own again. That slice of the weekend where the chores are done, but the night has not kicked in. You’re there. I hope you have found this breakdown on the where and when to utilise your social media presence useful. Now what I want you to do is get out there and put a schedule of your own together that mirrors this usage plan. Make a timetable, allocate your efforts correctly and record the difference it makes. Call my bluff. I am pretty confident that if you stick to the approach I’ve just outlined:


  1. You will increase your presence in social media.
  2. You will increase interactions with customers and potential customers.
  3. You will feel energised by the new areas your business is moving into.
  4. Finally and crucially, you will feel more confident in the arena of social media marketing, and
    begin creating better and better online content, which can only mean good things for you

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