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3 Things to do right now to increase your chances of getting noticed online


I want to very briefly drop in some bitesize advice about how to improve your chances of being found by the big search engines of the internet.


  1. Set up a Blog, and update it regularly. The more you talk through this medium, the more interactions you gain online. This is something that search engines track. This text also gives you a good opportunity to use key words that search engines use to connect a potential customer to you, instead of others.


  1. Choose your words carefully. It isn’t just a case of blogging constantly. Blog using words, phrases and topics that your target audience are likely to search with. Take the journey yourself by breaking down what your business, product or service is, in as few words as possible. Try to think about what a customer needs, and break that down to simple words and phrases too. Write them into your blog posts, and invest time to say something worthwhile with them. Ask yourself – ‘How would my brand phrase this?’. Be careful not to bore your customers out of the door. Make the tone of voice engaging, and the content worth reading.


  1. Clever use of Keywords are no longer enough. Google and other search engines may well factor in your social media footprint, when finding best matches for the search of a customer. The fact that strong brands all use social media, means that this acts as a strong signal. It tells Google that you are legitimate, established, trusted, and actively part of customer’s lives. So my last tip, is to make sure you are on all platforms within your power to operate well on, and to use them often.


  • Filip De Pessemier

    Reply Reply September 27, 2017

    Hi Paul,

    You are absolutely right. I try to get 2 articles a month out there, sharing them on my Facebook page and I see traffic increasing!

    Kind regards,

    • admin

      Reply Reply October 3, 2017

      Hi Filip,

      Thanks for the comment. It can be a slow process at first, but the more you share your content the more it drives traffic. It really is a “numbers game”


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